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摘要: 关于疫情的英语作文_防范疫情的高中英语作文4篇 抗击新冠肺炎武汉加油 2008年的"非典"想必大家都知道了,一场恐怖的瘟疫...




SARS in 2008 must have been known to all, a terrible plague, for which many fresh lives have left this beautiful world. Novel coronavirus has been introduced this year, and the Chinese people are facing a huge crisis. I hope it will be eliminated as soon as possible. Let the haze over the land of China disperse as soon as possible, let the spring breeze blow all over the land, and people return to a better life.


At the beginning of the epidemic, it was seen from the TV news network that there were several cases of virus infected people in Wuhan. I didn't care much. I thought that Wuhan was so far away from us, and the virus couldn't live, so we lived and went to school as usual, and everything was calm.

可是我错了,它开始肆虐起来,从原来的几例,上升到几十例几百例、几千例,而且武汉的很多人因为新年团聚而返回自己的家乡,病毒便被携带着开始扩散, 其它 地方也开始出现,形势十分危急,我们开始感到十分焦急,每天不停地看新闻,刷微信,不知如何是好。很快,病毒感染者从最初的几例,变成了一万四千多例,而且还有两万例的疑似病例,这是一个多么庞大又惊人的数字呀!真是吓死人了!

But I was wrong. It began to rage, from the original cases to dozens, hundreds and thousands. Many people in Wuhan returned to their hometown because of the reunion in the new year. The virus began to spread, and other places began to appear. The situation was very urgent. We began to feel very anxious. We kept reading the news and brushing wechat everyday. We didn't know what it was OK. Soon, the number of people infected with the virus has changed from the first few to more than 14000, and there are 20000 suspected cases. What a huge and amazing number! What a terror!

春节 期间,我们在刷抖音时,看到很多医生和护士,为了不让家人担心,以出差为借口,奋不顾身地奔向抗击病毒的最前线,很多国家也伸出援手向中国捐献了口罩和生化服,特别是巴基斯坦向中国捐献了三十万个口罩,八百套生化服,感谢他们,为了人民,前仆后继,奋勇逆行!

China tiktok, regardless of personal danger, was a great force in China. During the Spring Festival, we saw many doctors and nurses in the Spring Festival. In order not to worry about their families, they rushed to the forefront of fighting against viruses on the basis of business travel. Many countries also helped to hand over masks and biochemical clothes to China. Especially Pakistan donated three hundred thousand masks and eight hundred biochemical suits to China. Next, go retrograde!

网络上,令人感动的抗击病毒的 事迹 太多太多,常常让我眼含热泪。一则报道说,有很多护士姐姐,为了更好的照顾病人,剪去了她们心爱的长发。还有许多照片上,医护人员卸下防护口罩后,脸上被勒出了深深的痕迹,一位医生阿姨的鼻梁上都有了淤血,真是令人心疼啊!还有一位医生背着家人奔赴抗击新冠病毒最前线,他坚定而勇敢地写下:“不计报酬!不论生死!”的豪言壮语,铮铮铁骨,令人肃然起敬!

On the Internet, there are so many touching anti-virus stories that often make my eyes full of tears. One report said that there were many nurses and sisters who cut their beloved long hair in order to take better care of the patients. There are many photos, after the medical staff took off the protective mask, the face was left with deep traces, a doctor's aunt had congestion on the bridge of the nose, which is really distressing! Another doctor, carrying his family to the forefront of the fight against the new coronavirus, wrote firmly and bravely: "no pay! Life or death! " The heroic words, clank, people respect!

最近这几天,我和家人一直呆在家里,不出门,不乱跑,不给祖国母亲添乱,因为不添乱就是对控制疫情最大的帮助,所以我在家里宅着。虽然无聊到快要长草了,但是我们一想到那些抗战一线的医护人员,就会觉得我们是多么幸福。真心希望疫情早点过去。虽然疫苗还没有研究出来,但是国家已经公布了多种防护 方法 ,而且医生们已经开始分离病毒,进入疫苗研究阶段,希望她们早日成功,来帮助染病的人,尽快扫除疫情。

In recent days, my family and I have been staying at home, not going out, not running around, not adding chaos to our mother country, because not adding chaos is the biggest help to control the epidemic, so I stay at home. Although bored to grow grass, but we think of those medical staff in the front line of the Anti Japanese War, we will feel how happy we are. I sincerely hope the epidemic will pass soon. Although the vaccine has not yet been developed, the country has published a variety of protective methods, and doctors have begun to isolate the virus and enter the vaccine research stage, hoping that they can succeed as soon as possible to help people infected with the disease and eliminate the epidemic as soon as possible.


This epidemic situation, the whole country, United, I firmly believe that as long as Wuhan refueling! Go China! We are sure to win in the end!



This rat Spring Festival is as warm as before, but it's so different.


At this time of the Spring Festival last year, maybe I was following my family, happily huddled in the crowd of Yujie in the Southern Song Dynasty, eating sugar gourd, and competing with my sister for sugar man. In the crowd, the tourists from all over the world are beaming with joy.


At this time of the Spring Festival last year, maybe I was in my hometown of Longyou. My grandparents were busy living in the yard. The zongzi leaves in my grandma's hands were flying up and down. A few times, they were folded like a "green awning boat". Glutinous rice, soy sauce meat and taro chips were successively clipped into this "green awning boat", and then a red cotton thread was used to wrap them up in a circle and tie them up firmly. Our children are running around the alley in groups, driving the chickens who don't know who they are. They are very happy.

然而今年跟往年不一样。在新型冠状病毒疫情影响下,不能走街串巷,不能走亲访友,国家号召我们不出门,不访友,大街小巷乃至整个城市都少了些烟火气息,小区里静静的,只偶有几只候鸟飞来飞去。农村里很多村道被封了,村民也响应号召,待在的家里。我们的寒假假期也因此延长了许多天,为了不延误我们中小学生的学习进程, 教育 系统、我们学校以及各类培训班开启了线上授课。而我们自己能做的就是锻炼身体、坚持打卡,提高免疫力,妈妈说这也是在为社会做贡献。

This year, however, is not the same as before. Under the novel coronavirus high streets and back lanes, we can not go to the streets and streets, we can not visit relatives and friends. The state calls on us not to go out, not to visit friends, and the streets and alleys and even the whole city are short of fireworks. Many village roads in the countryside have been sealed, and villagers respond to the call and stay at home. Our winter vacation has also been extended for many days. In order not to delay the learning process of our primary and secondary school students, the education system, our school and various training courses have started online teaching. What we can do is to exercise ourselves, to stick to the clock in and to improve our immunity, which my mother said is also contributing to the society.


During the Spring Festival, the city of Wuhan was closed, and the people of the whole country united. Within a few days, the hospitals of huoshenshan and leishenshan were built in Wuhan, where the epidemic broke out, which is worthy of being called the "construction maniac" by other countries in the world. After the letter of invitation was made by medical staff from all over the country, many batches of "regardless of pay, regardless of life and death" rushed to Wuhan. Chinese friends from all over the world continued to donate disaster relief materials to China, and celebrities from large domestic enterprises poured in donations. People all over the country work so hard, and I should give my share! So, under the guidance of my mother, I donated my new year's money on Taobao's "go to Wuhan" to fulfill the obligations of a middle school student.


What is the cause of such a serious epidemic? I see in the news that the new coronavirus comes from wild animals. It must be because of our wanton plunder and excessive demand for nature, and nature once again warns us. I really want to make a loud appeal to stop damaging the natural environment, hunting wild animals and over exploiting natural resources We really need to think about how to live in peace with nature.


Because the novel coronavirus has become different from this Spring Festival, and has become a foreign minister. May spring come as soon as possible, and all is well!











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而我看来,传染病并不可怕,关键是你用怎样的心态去看待它。 就说我们最常见的传染病——流感吧,它从古至今一直困扰着人们的健康。



虽然至今尚未找到一种能彻底治疗“非典”的方法,但毕竟患非典的患者都成功出院,重新走上了工作岗位,“非典”最终还是被中华民族万众一心,舍生忘死的精神压倒了。 到了2005年的今天,“流脑”又光顾了我们美好的家园。

但我们能被他征服吗?不!绝对不能!虽然“流脑”死亡率高,但它毕竟是失败者,人类已研究出制服它的方案,只要我们作好预防工作,积极注射疫苗,做到早发现,早隔离,早治疗,以乐观的心态去面对它。我坚信:人类一定能战胜它! 人类科学是不断发展的,任何天灾人祸都不能阻止其发展。


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光阴似箭,日月如梭,转眼间,猪年就悄悄地走了,我们即将迎来新的一年,鼠年!当然过年又有春节,大家期待已久的春节可以拿红包数压岁钱。 以前过年商场里热闹非凡,大家都忙着买年货,现在却是冷冰冰的大门紧紧关闭;以前车来车往的道路现在空无一人;以前会响一天一夜的鞭炮声,现在变得异常寂静;以前大家开心的走亲戚;现在都,宅在家里足不出户;以前过年崭新衣裳;现在却变成了口罩。 这些都是因为新型冠壮病毒的爆发,大家一个个的都不敢出门,可全国各地的医护人员却义无反顾地奔赴到前线为生病的人看病,为控制病毒的进一步扩散。随着疫情变得严重确诊的病人也越来越多,许多的地方用了封城、封镇,封村的,办法对车辆进出严格检查。 后来我在手机里查,原来是因为一些人的口腹之欲。乱吃,蝙蝠等野生动物告诉你们新型冠状病毒的宿主就是蝙蝠,也是狂犬病,亨德拉病毒“汉塔”病毒等许多病毒的宿主。 我的弟弟就在这次新型冠状病毒爆发时出生了,他好像是为了打击病毒而来的。 我为那些为疾病而战的白衣天使们加油!


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此时人们都希望国家尽早找到治疗新型肺炎的方法。 新型肺炎是一种冠状病毒,除了这种名为2019-ncov的病毒外,其余还有6种冠状病毒,而我们最熟悉的则是SARS冠状病毒。

相信很多人仍然忘不了17年前的那场灾难,持续时长时间长达8个月,死伤919人,全国上下一片恐慌,一夜之间各个城镇被隔离,板蓝根完全断货,白醋,大蒜等具有消毒性的东西长得飞快,甚至高达几千元……而人们不得不用这种方法来安慰自己。 而这次武汉新型肺炎疫情也不是那么轻松治疗,武汉——九省通衢,作为中国交通最发达的城市之一,在春运期间极易带到其他城市,而这种冠状病毒目前已经确定会“人传人”。

截止到1月20日24时,武汉新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎确诊病例198人,其余城市及国家也均有患者,状况令人担忧。 但我认为,这次人们并没有像发生“非典”时那么恐慌,这大概是因为国家实施了全国新型肺炎疫情实时动态直播,让人们不再那么容易被谣言吓倒。

而“非典”时则不是这样,当时各地大力封锁信息,为了不在国际“丢脸”……这次 *** 吸取教训,及时公布消息,努力研究对策。这段艰难的日子一定会过去的。


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这次的病毒肆虐,就是武汉一家海鲜公司贩卖野生动物造成的。我希望再也不要有人贩卖野生动物,再也不要有人吃野味了,以史为鉴!现在我们待在家里就是为社会做最大的贡献!相信 *** 会在最短的时间内把疫情控制住、把病毒消灭掉!


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禁毒作文 在人生中,我们会被各种各样的善与恶包围着,我们必须分清哪些是善,哪些是恶,哪些是好人,哪些是坏人。当坏人千方百计诱惑你时,不要被一时的假象蒙骗了。“路遥知马力,日久见人心”。 1840年,鸦片和大麻首先来到了中国。鸦片战争从此爆发。鸦片是由提炼缨素而成,可作药用,但含有大量麻醉性毒素,一抽上瘾,人就变得瘦柴如骨,精神萎缩。中国人吃了鸦片后,屡战屡败,使鸦片成为了洋鬼子一大功”。毒品害处多,吸毒就等于自毁前程。1985年,全国中学生运动会上勇夺两金一银的健将阿惠因吸毒变得骨瘦如柴,形如‘老妪’。硕士研究生江涛因吸毒倾家荡产,变成了社会上的一个废物……许多例子告诉我们毒品是可怕的,是一个害人的坏蛋。新中国成立后,海洛因又到来了,弄得走私案一桩又一桩,中国人民痛苦不堪。尽管中国建立了许多座戒毒所,但是吸毒者和贩毒分子就更聪明了,更隐秘了。 在这些信息中我们知道:吸毒是不好的,有些人也想戒毒,可沾染容易戒时难啊,大家都在电视里看过,只要毒瘾一来,如果没有在吸毒品,那种痛苦将生不如死,痛不欲生,多少意志坚强的人都忍受不了。我在各种禁毒宣传画上看到,甚至有的人用各种方法来分散注意力,有的用刀割自己的,有用头撞墙的,有把牙刷望鼻孔里塞的等等。难道他们不痛吗?他们也是没办法的,有的人就索性不去忍受,去向父母或亲戚骗钱。骗不到了就去偷、抢、去杀人。有些人吸毒不是故意的而是在毒品贩子的煽风点火下,或是在朋友的推荐下:“你就试一下而已,再说你意志力不是很强吗?没事的。”这样就会有人也这么想结果就去试一试。就是因为这么一试出大事了,真是一失足成千古恨。 我们是祖国的未来,所以我们应该杜绝毒品。

预防艾滋病惜生命在于锻炼,和防中毒、防传染病、以及生命安全。为了使广大青少年学生加深对预防爱滋病知识的理解,进一步掌握预防爱滋病的基本方法和技能,在全球基金会安徽省项目办的大力支持下 艾滋病传染途径主要有三种:一是性接触传播;二是血液传播;三是母婴传播。目前,艾滋病仍然是不治之症。它威胁着每个人和每个家庭,预防艾滋病是全社会的责任。 艾滋病是一种有艾滋病病毒、即人类免疫缺陷病毒入侵人体后破坏人体免疫功能,使人体发生多种不可治愈的感染和肿瘤,最后导致被感染者死亡的一种严重传染病。 全球艾滋病20年来造成2800万人死亡,目前还有4300万患者,并且每天新增病人1.4万人。我国现有65万艾滋病感染者,去年每天新增192人。 艾滋病传染途径主要有三种:一是性接触传播;二是血液传播;三是母婴传播。 目前,艾滋病仍然是不治之症。它威胁着每个人和每个家庭,预防艾滋病是全社会的责任。 1、洁身自爱。遵守性道德是预防经性途径传染艾滋病的根本措施。 2、使用避孕套。正确使用避孕套不仅能避孕,还能减少感染艾滋病、性病的危险。 3、治疗性病。及早治疗并治愈性病可减少艾滋病的感染。正规医院能提供正规、保密的检查、诊断、治疗和服务咨询,必要时可借助当地性病、艾滋病服务热线进行咨询。 4、远离毒品。避免共享针头,禁止吸毒,减少血液接触。处理伤口时,一定要注意避免皮肤、眼睛、口腔接触到别人的血液。 5、防止交叉传染。避免不必要的输血、注射、使用没有严格消毒的不安全拔牙和美容等,使用经艾滋病病毒抗体检测的血液和血液制品。 只要按照预防艾滋病的方法去做就不会感染到这种病。就可以不让自己的生命白白浪费掉

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HIV 具有严格的宿主特异性,可感染人类并导致AIDS.在实验条件下,HIV-1可感染黑猩猩,HIV-2可感染恒河猴,可导致病血症及血清抗体转为阳性,但不能引起动物发病.从HIV感染者外周血, *** ,乳汁,脑脊液,唾液,泪液和其他体液中均可分离到病毒,不过目前尚无经泪液,唾液和汁液等感染HIV的报道.HIV一般通过血液和 *** 和,其传播途径主要包括:




在体外,HIV可感染CD4+T淋巴细胞(T4细胞)和单核-巨噬细胞,在其中增殖并引起细胞病变中,表明CD4+T淋巴细胞和单核-巨噬细胞是HIV主要的靶细胞.此外,HIV还可感染正常B淋巴细胞,经EB病毒转化形成的B淋巴母细胞系,小胶质细胞,神经胶质细胞,中幼粒细胞及多种细胞系 (O'Brien,1997)


高度的变异性是HIV及其他反转录病毒所具有的显著特征.突变主要来自反转录过程,其中env和nef等基因变异幅度最大,而gag和pol等则相对保守,变异程度较低且多为沉默的点突变.根据env和gag等基因的变异, 至少可将HIV-1划分为2群,共11个亚型.其中M(main)群由10个亚型组成,即A-J亚型.欧美主要为B亚型,非洲流行A,C,D,E等亚型; 在我国B亚型占优势,其次为C亚弄和A亚型;此外,M群中还存在着各亚型之间的嵌合体(mosaic),如A/E,G/A等.O(outlier)群主要分布于西百和中非,由于成员较少,常被视为一个亚型(O亚型).根据同样的方法,可将HIV-2划分为A,B等亚型(UNAIDS,1997).不仅各地区或不同个体之间HIV存在很大的变异,即使在同一个体内部,差异同样明显.事实上,每个HIV感染者所携带的都是一个异质性的病毒群体,各种突变株共存于体内.高度变异性有助于HIV逃避宿主的免疫监视,同时也为HIV感染的预防,诊断和治疗设置了巨大的障碍.

怎样预防艾滋病 针对不同传播途径,科学家们建议应当采取以下措施:















疫情的英语 高中 作文 有哪些?她们无愧为火线上的中流砥柱、和平年代的白衣战士、巾帼英雄的代表。人民因“她们”而感动!中国因“她们”而骄傲!一起来看看疫情的英语高中 作文大全 5篇【精选】,欢迎查阅!



Respect life and nature! We are just ordinary and ordinary children of nature, and nature is our mother. Disobeying the laws of nature will only lead to fire, and eventually all over the body. This is a lesson and warning from nature.


With great respect, Dr. Zhong Nanshan, who went to the front line, and Academician Li Lanjuan, who actively responded to the call of the state, are soldiers who shoulder the mission. They are brave soil who take the war "epidemic" as their duty. They are the counterforces in the epidemic situation, and they are also the model we learn from.


Bear in mind and learn to love deeply! Under the epidemic situation, people from all walks of life are more warm. People from all walks of life have made up their determination to fight the epidemic. The construction of huoshenshan and leishenshan hospital is the best proof of love and devotion.


As students, we should stick to the rear of "epidemic", strengthen self-management, arrange time reasonably, and form healthy living and learning habits. We should start from caring for our family, study hard, and become a kind, honest, brave, strong, caring and loving person.


Spring's life, strong, the haze of disease can only temporarily block the sun's light, never stop the momentum of life growth!



Novel coronavirus struck me this evening, and I was watching the news.


When I saw this line, I was shocked, and my heart was suspended. I found my mother in a panic and asked nervously, "Mom, how are we going to get the new coronary pneumonia? How can we prevent it? " My mother said patiently, "don't worry, as long as we stay indoors, wash our hands, ventilate and wear masks." After listening to my mother's answer, I put down a little. I hurried to ask my mother to buy a mask. There are three pharmacies downstairs. My mother and I didn't have two. We didn't see the mask until we got to the third one. However, there is only a little left. My mother and I bought the remaining bags quickly.


In the evening, my father and my sister came back. They were carrying four bags in their hands, and there were eight bags altogether! There are only four bags with delicious food in them, and the other four bags contain: masks, cold medicine, disinfectant, etc. From today on, we have lived a life of staying indoors.


Although the new virus is coming, I believe that scientists and doctors can develop antibodies to the virus.


Come on, Wuhan! Go China! Come on the world! Hope our future life will be better and better! I wish you all a happy and peaceful year of the rat!


今年的 春节 ,是我学生生涯中难以忘记的一个春节。这个春节,中国以一种特殊的方式令世界瞩目。但,武汉并不孤独,一方有难,全国动员,看着全国各地,逆向而行,去往“疫区”的物资和冒着生命危险离别家人,奔赴战场的医务人员,我泪流满面。而且,中国人也不孤独,家里有“疫情”,联动全球华人的心和海外朋友的心,一则新闻报道了,在国外飞往中国的飞机上,飞机票全都出售了,但是飞机上没有一个乘客,每个座位上,坐的是海外赤子寄回祖国的援助物资。突如其来的疫情,让世界见证了中国人的凝聚力和购买力!不到半月时间,全球各地的口罩、酒精等物品都被中国人"抢购"过!哪里有紧缺的医疗物资,哪里就有中国人的身影。

This year's Spring Festival is an unforgettable one in my student life. This Spring Festival, China attracts the world's attention in a special way. However, Wuhan is not alone. It is difficult for one side to mobilize all over the country. Looking at all parts of the country, I walk in the opposite direction, and I am full of tears when I go to the "epidemic area" for materials and leave my family at the risk of my life and go to the battlefield for medical personnel. Moreover, Chinese people are not alone. There is a "epidemic" at home, which links the hearts of Chinese people and overseas friends around the world. A news report shows that all the tickets on the plane flying to China from abroad are sold, but there is not a passenger on the plane. On each seat, there are aid materials sent back to China by overseas chizi. The sudden epidemic has witnessed the cohesion and purchasing power of the Chinese people in the world! In less than half a month, masks, alcohol and other items around the world have been "snapped up" by the Chinese people! Where there is a shortage of medical materials, there is a Chinese figure.


The short-term "epidemic" can only scare the cowards. A war "epidemic" let the world see the backbone of the Chinese people. I am Chinese, I am proud. One spring festival, I feel the temperature of my home at home, a month's rest, also let me learn self-discipline.



2020 is a new beginning, but just at the time of the Spring Festival, the Chinese people once again face the virus crisis: new coronavirus, only 17 years since the last SARS in 2003.


I saw in the news that the new virus caused by Wuhan as the source of infection spread to the whole country. According to statistics and analysis, the people who left Wuhan from January 10 to 22 and went to all parts of the country respectively arrived in Zhoukou, Yueyang, Yichang, Hefei, Chongqing, Nanning, Guangzhou and other places. This is an acute infection of pneumonia.

病因是因为人们吃了菜野生中华菊头蝙蝠果子狸。这是一次严重的危机,作为人类我们不应该 反思 吗?如果疫情无法控制,人类将何去何从?如果我们管好自己不贪吃野味会有这种事吗?

The cause of the disease is that people eat wild Chinese chrysanthemum head bat civet. This is a serious crisis. As human beings, shouldn't we reflect on it? If the epidemic cannot be controlled, where will human beings go? If we take good care of ourselves, will it happen?


As for how to protect yourself, first of all, although the virus has become a focus, don't listen to all kinds of rumors at will, scientifically prevent and control the sources of infection, cut off the transmission channels, and call on everyone to do a good job in personal protection, avoid going to crowded places, wear medical masks in public places, and pay attention to fast food hygiene,


Wash hands frequently and drink more water. Try not to eat out and go out less. If you have fever or cough, please see a doctor in time.


I hope that the people of the whole country will join hands to fight against this crisis and stay at home and not run around. We can certainly survive this crisis from our motherland. It's very important that medical staff have given up the chance to celebrate the new year with their families and rushed to the front line of the epidemic field. We should believe them more!


Come on Wuhan, come on angel in white, come on China, wish the beauty of the world be linked with you.



This winter vacation, the sudden new pneumonia disrupted the pace of people's celebration of the Spring Festival, especially in Wuhan, a serious epidemic area, a large number of people's livelihood diseases led to doctors' emergency, beds' emergency, medical supplies' emergency, and a war without gunpowder is starting.

病毒无情人有情。疫情的每一个变化都牵动着全国人民乃至世界人民的心:邻国日本不但没有拒绝中国游客入境,还向我国赠送了大量医用物资;海外的 留学 生用尽浑身解数筹集口罩第一时间运回国内;各地的医生护士纷纷丢下家人奔赴前线治病救人,他们夜以继日地工作,累了困了就趴在桌上、躺在地上休息一会儿;湖州83岁的老爷爷靠捡垃圾为生,却毫不犹豫地捐出了省吃俭用积下来的一万元钱;安徽的一位叔叔跑进派出所扔下500个口罩扭头就走,默默地献出自己的爱心……

The virus has no lover. Every change of the epidemic affected the hearts of the people of the whole country and even the people of the world: neighboring Japan not only did not refuse Chinese tourists to enter China, but also gave a large number of medical materials to our country; overseas students tried their best to raise masks and transport them back to China at the first time; medical students and nurses from all over the world left their families and rushed to the front line to cure the disease and save the people, and they worked day and night, tired and trapped Lying on the table and resting on the ground for a while, Huzhou's 83 year old grandfather made a living by picking up rubbish, but he did not hesitate to donate the ten thousand yuan saved by frugality; an uncle from Anhui ran into the police station, threw 500 masks, turned around and left, silently giving his love

看着网上一个个温暖的 故事 ,我深深地感动了,也想献一份爱心,尽自己的一点力量帮助有需要的人。可是,我既没有防护用品可以捐献,也没有治病救人的能力,怎么办呢?正当我愁眉不展的时候,爸爸微笑着给我指了一条路--网上捐款。于是,我赶紧拿出上学期通过自己努力学习得来的班级奖学金130元,请爸爸通过宁波市慈善总会网络捐款平台进行了捐献,慈善总会收到后还给我发了一张捐赠证书呢!虽然钱不多,但这是我自己的劳动所得,代表了我的一份心意。

Looking at the warm stories on the Internet, I am deeply moved and would like to offer a love and do my best to help those in need. However, I have neither protective equipment to donate, nor the ability to cure the disease and save people. What should I do? Just when I was sad, Dad smiled and pointed out a way for me - online donation. So, I quickly took out 130 yuan of class scholarship that I earned through my hard work last semester, and asked my father to donate through the online donation platform of Ningbo Charity Federation. After receiving it, the Charity Federation gave me a donation certificate! Although the money was not much, it was my own income from labor, which represented my intention.


I believe that the difficulty is only temporary. Through our joint efforts, we will win the war against the virus and usher in a warm spring day as soon as possible.

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